Commandant Interviewed–Link to Video

The Commandant was recently interviewed on a video blog, “This Week in Defense News.” You can watch it here.

Not surprisingly the topic is the budget including sequestration, National Security Cutters, icebreakers, and Off Shore Patrol Cutters.

The interview is in three parts and total time is a bit over 20 minutes. Not sure how long this will be available.

2 thoughts on “Commandant Interviewed–Link to Video

  1. Not a lot of surprises in there, but I think he provided the outcome of the C-27 business case review. Thanks for the link Chuck.

  2. Two things I did hear regarding the OPC were (1) that they hoped to use the parent craft concept and (2) that they would be built with space and weight reservation for additional weapons and sensors, harkening back to the way the 327s were designed.

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