How has the pirate war been going?

CimSec.Org has a good overview. Looks like two steps forward one step back, but naval presence, best practices including citadels, and armed security teams have cut the number of crew members taken in half.

2 thoughts on “How has the pirate war been going?

  1. I’m assuming you mean “one step back” in reference to the cut off of funding to the shore based CP effort. The real solution to ending piracy off the HOA is for Somalia to have a functioning government and civil society. Externally funded shore side law enforcement is at best a stopgap.

    If armed security teams were deployed on all vessels transiting the area, before long there would be zero – or next to zero – successful attacks. While the long term solution is a stable Somalia, the short term goal of eliminating the danger to and suffering of seafarers could be accomplished by all flag states adopting a mandatory requirement to embark armed security.

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