31 thoughts on “Jarvis to Retire, Where is She Going?

      • The Philippine Navy wants to focus on uparming the two ex-Hamiltons to elevate them to light frigate status. This includes the installation of a Mk. 38 Mod. 2 25mm gun system and, while still unconfirmed, Harpoon anti-ship missiles. The navy will be open to a third warship once more funds are released.

      • @Dave, “Philippines are to purchase frigates from Italy instead as they are in much better shape and have ASW capability.”

        Actually they may do both. They are also getting other offers too. The third 378 has been “deferred” while they add systems to the two they have now.

        They are apparently getting two Maestrale Class frigates from Italy, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maestrale_class_frigate, but they are still well short of their goal of 6 Frigates, 12 Corvettes, and 18 OPVs.

        It is going to take them some time to create the trained cadre of personnel and the infrastructure they need to keep up a Navy like that.

      • It will take them a decade at least for them to have a Frigate centered navy. I think with them buying the Maestrale Class frigates, it will give the Philippines a Multi Role Frigate with ASW, ASUW & AAW capability. From which they center them around a couple of used 378’s as GP Frigates and a couple of Corvettes, fast attack and Patrol boats as well. Their Amphibious capability, could come from South Korea or Singapore with an LPD.

  1. Ah, the memories…

    RIMPAC exercises, Navy battle ex’s, Admiral Yost visit, Midway, Guam, Wake, ALPAT’s (40 foot seas), HIPAT’s, Johnson Atoll, Palau, Yap, running aground in Maui!, Big Island, REFTRA, entering Pearl Harbor multiple times and passing honors to the USS Arizona, Golden Dragon/Shellback initiation, pink bellies down in deck berthing, Bos’n Hole jumping, Russian AGI’s, BM2 Lowder getting knocked overboard at 2300, while towing a smoldering longliner after a FBI arranged pot bust that was set on fire by the crew and the subsequent sinking of her with the 5′ gun (it’s hard to hit another ship from 1000′ away with no working fire control radar – I remember it took ~55 rounds to sink her), cracking the sonar dome during drydocking…

    Some of the best (and worst) memories…Served with some great people!

    Good Luck Jarvis – you will be fondly remembered by this MassHole Coastie!

      • If they were using BL&P, rounds probably just went straight though making new port holes but not letting in any water. 1,000 yards is really close. Exercises on 3″/50 which had no Firecontrol were from 3000 to about 7000 as I recall, but we only expected one in ten to hit.

      • Yes, it was in local control (i.e. firing from in the mount).
        If I recall, something about the fire control radar being down that day (Damn FT’s…couldn’t keep the radar running but they sure did earned a lot of money playing poker!)

        As for BL&P rounds, I believe that is what was used. Toward the end of the shoot, there was some extra smoke (not just the smoke from the bales of pot that had burned for three days when the crew tried to scuttle her) coming from the Swiss cheese looking hull!

        Towards the end, one round went square into the hull, right below the waterline and she started to sink quickly thereafter!

        …and yes, we were 1000 yds away, not 1000′ as I originally stated.

        I have it on video somewhere – would love to get it converted and put up on YouTube.

  2. As a “Plank owner,” I will always remember her, and the times on OLE, ALPAT, and Ocean Station November. Also going aground in Dutch Harbor, and handling the towing hawser on that cold dark wet windy night. I will remember Red Hill, Sand Island, Kodiak, & Cold Bay. I will also always remember Pre-Com at Avondale, Sonar in Baltimore & degaussing, going thru the Canal, Barking Sands etc. FLETEX, REFTRA, shipmates, Shore Patrol, Capt Woolley, Too soon we will all be the stuff of reefs.

  3. It’s official, the Bangledesh Navy is onboard and checking her out for possible turnover late next month and a cruise to Bangledesh later this year. As a Plankowner; I miss the ship, the crew and have fond memories of being onboard;

  4. As a kid and taking the USCGC Jarvis to Maui for the Annual Family cruise,
    I remember the pedestal-mounted “HUGE” binoculars. Ever since then,
    I dreamed about having one. Anybody have any pictures or stats (manufacturer?)?

    • I think ours were made during WWII. They were 20 power. The Japanese during WWII equipped their ships with very large numbers of lookout positions equipped with high power optics and this may at least partially explain why they did so well in night engagements even without radar.

      Comparable optics are still being made, but they are undoubtedly very expensive. I would look on e-bay if you are really interested, but they are so heavy you need a pedestal to mount them on. Not very portable.

      • MAHALO (thanks)….
        I remember that the Commanding Admiral of the 14th Coast Guard District (Pacific Rim) has one of those binoculars mounted on his lanai (patio) overlooking the beachhouse at the Diamond Head Lighthouse

  5. I served on the cutter Jarvis from 1980 – 1982 stationed in Hawaii, I graduated boot camp in Alameda Ca. 1980 (Hotel 130) BMC Adams. Anyone care to reach out and comment ?, would love to hear from someone !

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