DC Chapter of CPO Association Asks Your Help to Restore Monument to WWI Dead

In response to my earlier post about the Seneca and Tampa, It was brought to my attention that the Washington, DC Chapter of the Chief Petty Officers Association has taken up the challenge to refurbish the 85 years old monument on Coast Guard Hill in Arlington National Cemetery. They hope to have the first phase, the upper marble portion, completed for Veterans Day this year, with the second phase completed to coincide with the 85th anniversary of its dedication on May 23, 2013. Total project is approximately  $95,000. 

I don’t think they would mind if I quote their site (http://wdccpoa.org/restoration/), so here goes:

U.S. Coast Guard Memorial Restoration

The Chief Petty Officer’s Association (CPOA) needs your help to restore the U.S. Coast Guard Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery. Members of the CPOA Washington D.C. have conducted basic maintenance on the memorial to keep it clean and presentable.

However, time and the elements have taken their toll on this historic monument dedicated to Coast Guardsmen lost during World War I.  It will need significant structural and cosmetic repairs to return the monument to its former glory, and ensure it remains so well into the 22nd century.

We are prohibited from using Coast Guard money to pay for this restoration. So we need support from the public, shipmates, family and friends to fund this important effort.  Even though the memorial is dedicated to those lost during World War I, the memorial also serves as a reminder to everyone who visits our nation’s most prominent national cemetery of all the sacrifices made by Coast Guardsmen during war and peace. We must raise more than $95,000 dollars to conduct the repairs and provide ongoing maintenance to the structure. We can only do this with your help.

A message from our president.

Dear Shipmates, Coast Guard Family & Friends,
Thank you for visiting RESTORATION 2012, the DC-CPOA’s initiative to raise $95,000 to restore the U.S. Coast Guard  Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery. Since becoming President of the DC Chapter of the CPOA I have had the distinct privilege and honor to engage in several events on Coast Guard Hill – with my fellow shipmates, my family, and the entire Coast Guard family.

Through our annual Flags Across America events, I’ve had the opportunity to help maintain the monument and participate in honoring our fallen shipmates. For me, each visit serves as a reminder that although many of our shipmates have been lost, there are many more left to carry on the traditions and memories of “Standing the Watch.”

I am honored to work on RESTORATION 2012 and engage all of you to help us rebuild and restore this great monument to our fallen. In the Coast Guard we are known for our team work and heroic acts; I am confident that we will once again pull together to reach this important goal. Every contribution counts and I ask you to send your donation today.

Thank you for your generosity. Semper Paratus!

Jon Ostrowski, BMCS, USCG

President, Washington D.C. Chapter, Chief Petty Officer’s Association

Please send donation checks to:

Washington D.C. Chapter

Chief Petty Officer’s Association

P.O. Box 70105

Washington, DC 20024


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