New Gun Coming to a Cutter Near You?

Defensemedianetwork is reporting BAE is showing a new generation of the Mk38 gun mount that already equips several Cutters. In additions to improvements to the system as a weapon, there are also improvements to the associated electro-optic system that should make it even more useful for SAR, LE, and navigation.

Mk 38 30 mmThe mount is enclosed. The gun caliber increases from 25mm to 30mm providing more range and there is a coaxial .50 caliber. Maximum elevation of the mount is increased from 40 to 75 degrees. Ready ammunition on the mount is tripled.The display and control system is improved and there is a mode specifically designed for firing warning shots.

Photo: Mk 38′s 30 mm cannon with coaxial machine gun. The stealth faceting of the mount is obvious in this shot. Photo by Mrityunjoy Mazumdar

(Thanks to Lee for pointing this out)

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