New Page: “Heritage”

I’ve added a new page to the blog, intended to provide some insight into the heritage of the Coast Guard. Check it out and if have any suggestions for items that might be added please leave a comment.

9 thoughts on “New Page: “Heritage”

    • Right now I am thinking about adding links to historical pieces divided by era including the Coast Guard Historian and my own posts and anything else I run across that looks applicable.

      Would also welcome heads up for applicable articles from other sources.

    • I’ve made a lot of changes, and added a number of links, primarily to my earlier posts, but there are others as well, and in many cases there is good information in comments on these posts.

      • just for giggles i’m going to check a couple local historical sites i occasionally visit. this is maine, there is a chance i’ll find something uscg, or about the older components.

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