US Army Weapon Systems Handbook 2013

The Army has issued a document, US Army Weapon Systems Handbook 2013, (a 388 page pdf) outlining their various programs (not all of which are actually weapons). Apparently it is intended to support their budget requests, in that contractors and states where work will be done, are highlighted. I’ve added it to the reference page.

It is potentially interesting for two reasons. It shows how the Army is attempting to sell their programs, and it also provide some food for thought in terms of where the Coast Guard might ride the coat tails of Army procurement programs (programs like small arms training systems, UAVs, ISR systems, and aircraft).

Interestingly, their new Light utility helicopter, the UH-72A Lakota, “to be deployed only to non-combat, non-hostile enronments” includes “USCG communications” and “UHF/VHF communications” as “major dependencies.” They are well on their way to procuring over 300 of them. 100 helicopters, assigned to National Guard units, will be fielded across the continental US, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii, to provided Homeland Security patrols and drug enforcement support. These aircraft are a bit smaller than the H-65s, they use twin engines from the same family, are a bit slower, but have more useful load, and what appears to be a larger cabin. Sounds like they ought to be able to land on cutters if you could convince the pilots.
(p. 210)

For those interested, there is a brief outline of Army organization on page 345.

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