12 thoughts on “Piracy Statistics from NATO

  1. Interesting looking at the number of attacks on merchant vessels, and then looking at the successful “Pirating” of merchant vessels. It seems almost less than 40 percent of attacks end up in the ship being pirated. Whether thats due to military intervention or ship crews warding off the pirates…..

    • The CG has boarding teams assigned to the Navy vessels doing counter-piracy.
      The Coast Guard was also involved in developing the best practices doctrine for merchant ships and developing the US position on armed guards

      • No, we have LEDETs assigned to CENTCOM who train Navy VBSS teams. We do not deploy as a service for the specific purpose of counter piracy, nor are we resourced to do so. This is the Navy’s mission and there is no CG Flag level Component Commander.

  2. How come then the US Navy doesn’t ask the USCG to deploy a cutter for Anti Piracy ops like most countries do. I have notice that most NATO countries deploy either a corvette or a Frigate to run Anti Piracy ops. So how come then, the US Navy doesn’t ask the USCG to deploy a 378, NSC, 210 or 270 for Anti Piracy ops with a LPD as a command and control ship

    • Because they do not require a cutter. With the way we have cut back the fleet in the last ten years, we do not have one to spare anyway.

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