Impressive Photo

Just had to share this photo. Half of the US Navy’s Aircraft Carriers and half of their big deck Amphibs, in a single photo, all tied up in Norfolk.

“Also across Hampton Roads but not in these photos are two other carriers at Newport News Shipbuilding:  THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN 71), now finishing up a three-and-a-half-year refueling overhaul, and the new GERALD R. FORD (CVN 78), first ship of a new class of carriers, that will launch in mid-2013.”

Good thing the Coast Guard is still on watch.

3 thoughts on “Impressive Photo

  1. Beautiful pictures indeed, can’t say I’m overly enthused with nearly 10 carriers stationed in one area. Hate to mention it, but reminiscent of a time in December a long while ago. Coast Guard better stay on their toes.

    • You are not the first to remark on the resemblance to Ford Island on Dec. 7. One comment I saw was that Mayport had just been handed the best possible justification for moving the homeport of one or more carriers to Mayport.

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