An End to ABS Naval Ship Rules?

Tim Colton’s Maritime Memos is reporting the apparent demise of the joint Navy/American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) efforts to create warship design criteria.

The latest hot rumor is that the Navy and ABS have come to a parting of the ways with regard to the Naval Vessel Rules.  They are no more.  Gone.  Finished.  Kaput.  I can hear sighs of relief nationwide.  And the Navy’s ships will be less expensive.  But note that this decision does not include the Coast Guard, the one Government agency that should not need anyone else to write its rules.

The specifications for the Offshore Patrol Cutters (OPC) require that they be built to a Coast Guard modified version of these rules. I believe the Littoral Combat Ships were also required to comply with the ABS NavRules.

2 thoughts on “An End to ABS Naval Ship Rules?

  1. I am trying to educate myself on this subject. If the Board allows use of volunteers I hope to be working on the USS Sachem, a World War 1&2 escort vessel. It’s presently aground in a creek in the Midwest. We have her 1002 drawings and her extremely elderly WW2 captain is still alive. We haven’t gotten to marine surveyor stage yet, but I am betting they don’t have ABS-A steel ship plate in Cincinatti to repair a Carnegie steel hull. Who is good these days? Petty sure has a lead time and creek only dry in summer for patching.

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