Coast Guard and the Arctic–Podcast

This afternoon, Sunday, 24 March, at 5:00PM Eastern, a weekly naval centric podcast will focus on the Coast Guard and the Arctic. If you miss the live broadcast it will be recorded for listening at a later date. If you catch the live broadcast, there will be opportunities for questions. The one hour program can be thought of as an extension of an earlier post referenced here.

5 thoughts on “Coast Guard and the Arctic–Podcast

  1. Chuck,
    I was very dissappointed that U.S. Naval War College Professor James R. Holmes, made the statement that “he had been unaware that the CG had performed NGFS during the Vietnam War” and seemed to have no knowledge of Operation Market Time which was stood up at the request of the Navy, due to their lack at the time, of littoral warfare capability.
    I find it amazing that he was asked to comment on this topic in the podcast, when he has little idea of our history!
    I do however agree with him that our leadership does pay lip service to warfighting, while in reality we have virtually no training or interest in actually pursuing it in a tangible way.
    Just an old retired Coastie’s opinion!

    • I was surprised to hear him say there were no Coast Guard officers assigned to the Naval War College, and that he had no Coast Guard Students.

      When i went there was at least one CG officer on staff and I believe six students.

      On the other hand, as much of a fan as I am of the CG having wartime missions, I felt it would be hard to prove that removing the ASW equipment from the 378s was a bad decision as the host seemed to think. I would say times are changing, and perhaps the decision to delete the CG’s ASW mission should be revisited.

      I was also a little disappointed that he seemed to have no concrete proposals.

      —Also an old retired Coastie’s opinion

    • Mark, I agree with ypu. Likely Prof. Holmes has never seen a Coast Guard student because we do not take JPME seriously. If we had a true interest, we would send more than a half dozen a year to be a token presence…if not by now have formed our own War College as the Marine Corps has done despite their strong ties to the Navy.

  2. Chuck, Mark, and Timmy –

    I didn’t catch the podcast, and I’m combining an observation from a brief skim of Chuck’s other post about Professor Holmes’ thoughts on the CG and AF leading in the Arctic with your comments above:

    This guy sounds extremely Navy-centric, virtually to a point of dangerousness! Does he really think the AF will not have a leading role in the western Pacific?!? (It will – so much so that the AF won’t have time at all to play in the Arctic, which will be left to the Canadians to protect, air-wise.) It sounds like he also has no concept of a war-time role for the CG. Overall, someone I’m not real happy to be paying their salary! I think our naval officers are getting short-changed on their education!!

    Too harsh/critical?

    • My impression is that he is learning about the CG rapidly, but his mind set is definitely Navy Centric, he is an instructor at the Naval War College, but why hasn’t he had more contact with the Coast Guard? Are there no Coast Guard Officers on the staff at the Naval War College?

      As to the Air Force, at least there will be some Air Force in Alaska, even after the “Pacific Pivot,” while there is essentially no Navy in Alaska at all.

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