Surplus ISR Aircraft–MC-12Ws


Illustration: from via Wikipedia

Earlier we talked about how the Beech King Air C-12 might serve as replacement for the UAV capability currently missing from the Coast Guard’s system of systems.

Now there is a report that ten to twelve MC-12Ws already equipped for ISR may be declared surplus by the Air Force.

I think they are worth a look as possible Coast Guard assets.

DHS might also consider these valuable assets for disaster response.

(Thanks to Lee for the Heads-up)

7 thoughts on “Surplus ISR Aircraft–MC-12Ws

  1. I think the US Coast Guard or the US Customs and Border Patrol should look at getting them. They make perfect Manned ISR and even perfect as an MPA as well. It would be current, off the shelf and ready to go.

  2. IMHO “maritime” means that the USCG should operate any US govt a/c used over water areas (and since the CBP has NO jurisdiction out there~)

    The larger question here is whether there will be a redistribution of military assets as AFG winds down. The USCG force structure needs expansion and recapitalization.

    • Don’t get me wrong, the USCG could use a couple of MC-12W as MPA aircraft and ISR aircraft as well. It would stay in US Military hands, and the Air force at anytime can borrow them back.

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  4. In doing the research on the Textron Scorpion proposal (, I ran across an AviationWeek post dated Oct. 7, 2013 ( confirming the Air Force is considering disposing of their MC-12W fleet (which includes 37 Beach Super King Airs- 29 of those being extended range versions.)

    These could be really useful. King Air are used as maritime patrol aircraft by several countries.

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