Eastern’s OPC Concept

H_K found an Eastern Shipbuilding advertisement showing there conceptual design for the OPC. You can see it here: http://www.easternshipbuilding.com/wp-content/sdaolpu/2013/06/ESG-OPCFullPageWeb1.pdf

Not a bad looking little ship. Looks like with the location of the stack, the hangar may be offset to port. I don’t like the fact that the 57mm is sitting low relative to the bulwarks of the bow.

As H_K noted this does look a lot like New Zealand’s Protector Class OPVs.

23 thoughts on “Eastern’s OPC Concept

  1. Also assuming, as it appears, these ships are to fitted for but not with CIWS, it looks like if it were mounted on the roof of the hangar, the stack would block a large part of the possible firing arc. It might be possible to mount it on the fantail, but looks like space would be very limited.

    Relative to the New Zealand ships, looking for differences, they have two stacks abreast on either side of the hangar, while this ship appears to have only the single stack. The New Zealand ships had only a single engine room with no propulsion redundancy. I think some form of redundancy is required for the OPCs.

      • Don’t have a rear view of hangar area but yes the hangar could extend forward for some distance. There might also be a smaller UAV hangar behind the stack on the starboard side, but it would be very small. More likely that would be where they would put an elevator for striking supplies below.

  2. Interesting that the deckhouse is so large but the 57mm is hunkered down so low, did they perhaps discover some center of gravity problems with a higher mounting?

  3. “Bollinger Shipyards, Lockport, La.; Eastern Shipbuilding, Panama City, Fla.; General Dynamics Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine; General Dynamics Nassco, San Diego; Huntington Ingalls Industries, Pascagoula, Miss.; Marinette Marine, Marinette, Wis.; Vigor Shipyards, Seattle and VT Halter Marine, Pascagoula, Miss.”

    Have all the design been made public yet ?
    I don’t remember seeing Bollinger, BIW and GD offerings

  4. The 57mm’s position seems pretty standard to me – same deck height as on NSC, no?

    The Bollinger design is likely to be a variant of Damen’s OPV 1400/1800/2400/2600 designs. There’s even a CGI that looks awfully like OPC on the last page of this presentation:.

    Click to access 59716-108335.damen-opv-presentation-portsmouth-2012.pdf

    More info on the OPV 1400 design here: http://offshore-patrol-security.com/cms-assets/documents/112281-849845.06-damen-day-2.pdf

    • I’m thinking that Damen may push for the Holland class OPV or the Damen’s OPV 1400/1800/2400/2600 designs. Either way, Damen may possibly have the edge on the design.

  5. I don’t know how badly it would eat up Chuck’s bandwidth, but I’d love to see 1 page with each of the design’s made public so far shown. It would make a great comparison of the concepts.

      • That would be fantastic. I should have mentioned (rather than implied) that you have done a great job keeping on top of the OPV discussion, specs, and designs/proposals over the last several years. The pain of running a blog: We’re just never happy… Look: That dang Bill Smith wants them all in one place… 😉

        Thanks Chuck!

  6. I noted this about the Kiwi OPV on Wiki:
    “The vessels were designed by STX Canada Marine and are based on earlier OPV designs in service with the Irish Naval Service (since 1999) and the Mauritian Coast Guard (since 1996).”

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  10. NavyRecognition has a video including interviews from the Navy League’s 2014 Sea-Air-Space Exposition that touches on a number of systems we have talked about here. I am going to post this same comment on each of the threads I think are related. The video can be found here:

    At minute 9:00 there is a discussion of the Brimstone missile.
    At minute 13:00 we see a model of Eastern’s proposal for the Offshore Patrol Cutter. Unfortunately, there is no accompanying comments.
    At 13:15 we get an about one minute of update on the Navy’s new 85 foot MKVI patrol boat
    About minute 15:03 they talk about a new hyper-velocity round being developed to be fired from the 5″ (and other) gun.
    About 18:35 they talk about HII’s proposal for a frigate developed from the National Security Cutter. Doesn’t look like any new info.

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