Department of Homeland Security Secretary Resigns–Suggestions?

Navy Times is reporting the Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, has submitted her resignation. Can’t say I’m sorry to see her go.

Who will replace her? I have a couple of suggestions,

  • former Commandant Thad Allen we all know, and
  • my other candidate is Larry Korb, assistant secretary of defense (manpower, reserve affairs, installations, and logistics) from 1981 through 1985 under Reagan, a former naval aviator who retired from the Navy Reserve as a Captain, and a man with a long association with the Coast Guard including teaching at the Academy.

13 thoughts on “Department of Homeland Security Secretary Resigns–Suggestions?

  1. Should Thad Allen become the next Secretary of Homeland Security, I will hold a party for all those interested in joining ;). But really, this is great news, if anyone’s gonna get DHS in shape, its Thad Allen. From Hurricane Katrina to the Oil Spill, he truly was great.

  2. Chuck, I don’t think Obama will propose anybody who is too close to the Coast Guard. My guess it will be somebody who will promote his immigration ideas.

  3. The Coast Guard needs to stop using these carbon copy Commandant’s who sell out the USCG for their own ego. Admiral Allen was and still is a tool for the defense contractors. He would have never stopped the 123 program if not pressured from the outside. He isolated and ignored his own ELC group who warned him about every issue except the C4ISR issues. The Coast Guard needs to follow the Navy example of the past few years and get someone in there who isn’t politically connected in any direction and puts the service first. The USCG is 10 years behind the original plan post 9/11. And that is due in a large part to Admiral Allen’s inability to hold the contractors accountable. Where is there 123 accountability? Why hasn’t the USCG held ICGS accountable through the program wide performance guaranty?

    • I want to add that during the Deepwater hearings the then DHS IG Richard Skinner said as a hearing that in his entire career he had never had an investigation stonewalled as much as Admiral Allen Stonewalled his Deepwater investigation. That is not someone we want to elevate to Secretary of DHS.

      Go find someone who is invested in the service not their won legacy or corporate buddies.

  4. Sorry to see her go would be an understatement. Schumer will push Kelly to insure the DHS grants keep flowing into NY. Not that they don’t deserve it being the #1 City target in the Country.
    Rather he will do it out of political necessity.
    Obama may look for someone to carry out his political immigration policies.
    Having an appointee with a Coast Guard background would be helpful since the administration wants to hire 20,000 Border Patrol Officers to secure the southern tier border. And when that happens what method of smuggling illegals into this country will exponentially increase?
    The Allen comment is duly noted but he would be a better choice than the others.
    It would be nice to see CG Flag officers in the running.

    • O don’t see Allen’s commitment to duty. Deepwater pout the USCG and the country 10 years behind the original plan (20 years behind the USCGs own RAND study that said a 10 year acceleration was needed post 9/11). While the contractors who were in charge as LSIs on most of it and overall the most responsible parties the Commandant rolled over and let the fox ravage that hen house. And Admiral Papp is following right in line.

      get someone in there who will bring up the program wide performance guaranty and make ICGS accountable for the $ needed to close the performance gaps and degradation they caused.

    • While I am very familiar with DeKort’s view on ADM Allen, I am interested in other views on the implications for the CG assuming his confirmation. Thoughts?

      • I do think he would try to get the DHS to work together and would emphasize natural disaster response vice counter-terrorism but those impressions are not based on strong evidence. We do have his performance in response to Katrina where he seemed to get diverse organizations to work together.

      • Obviously I am biased. But I think if you look in to the Katrina disaster you will see General Honore might have been the man doing thew work while Admiral Allen was in front of the press?

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