“Welcome to International Maritime Shipping Week,” CIMSEC

The Center for International Maritime Security or CIMSEC is in the middle of a week looking at the down sides of international maritime commerce.

” …as the more nuanced critics of globalization have long pointed out, a network is not inherently good or evil, rather it merely more rapidly facilitates the intent of those that use it. The roads of the Incan Empire not only served to streamline the administration of their realm, but also hasten their destruction. While international shipping has far more check-valves than an open road, and we need not worry about Pizarro’s men pouring out in Seattle’s ports to storm the town hall, we should consider how this intricate seaborne network might cause us harm: from the vulnerabilities of relying on seaborne trade to the instability caused by illicit weapons proliferation to the use of commercial vessels as Trojan horses.

“This week, we take a moment away from our Amazon, Best Buy, and Home Depot bounties to consider the defenses necessary to prevent this seaborne boon from becoming a curse.”–Matt Hipple

You can access all there posts here, or use the list below, but there may still be more coming.

LT Matt Hipple, USN:  Welcome to International Maritime Shipping Week

CDR Chris Rawley, USNR:  Smashing Maritime Ratlines – A Team Sport

Armando Heredia: The Great Oil Contango of 2008-2009 and Maritime Security

Sherman Patrick, U.S. Senate Staffer: Gooey Kablooey: How Agro-Terrorists Will Destroy You By Destroying Your Food

LT Matt McLaughlin, USNR: Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

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