Ferry Sinks in the Philippines, and the Great Marine Disaster You May Not Know About

gCaptain has new details on a the recent sinking of a ferry in the Philippines that may have taken the lives of almost 300.

This brings to mind what is regarded by many as the worst peacetime maritime disaster in history, the sinking of the Philippine ferry MV Doña Paz in 1987. The actual number of persons on board is unknown but it is estimated that 4,375 died. There were only 24 survivors from the ship.

There is an eight part dramatization of the disaster on YouTube totaling about 47 minutes. The first and last segments are probably the most interesting. The first seven parts are here and the eighth is here.

3 thoughts on “Ferry Sinks in the Philippines, and the Great Marine Disaster You May Not Know About

  1. Most are covered in oil and diesel fuel, not gasoline as reported by the local news.
    Search YouTube for “Philippines ferry” there are several short videos.

    Pictured: Wreckage of cargo ship which collided with Philippines passenger ferry …Daily Mail

    Divers search sunken ferry in Philippines for dozens missing; 31 dead, 629 …Washington Post

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