Naval History Symposium with Coast Guard Characteristic, 19-20 Sept.

A small note you may have missed. The US Naval Academy is hosting a Naval History symposium, Thursday and Friday, 19 to 20 September and one of the topics is Coast Guard history (one of six topics presented 3:30-5:20 PM on the 19th). A quick overview here. More info here.

Quoted from the agenda

U.S. Coast Guard History, Papers:

  • Pioneers of American Diversity: A History of Minorities in the U.S. Coast Guard, William Thiesen, U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Area Historian
  • OLDWEATHER.ORG project on Coast Guard Logbooks, Mark Mollan, National Archives and Records Administration
  • “The U.S. Coast Guard has Operational Forces which are Well-Suited to the Mission”: The Point-Class Cutters in Vietnam, Christopher Havern, U.S. Coast Guard Historian’s Office
  • Comment: Scott Price, U.S. Coast Guard Historian’s Office

The full program is here (pdf)

1 thought on “Naval History Symposium with Coast Guard Characteristic, 19-20 Sept.

  1. I like the logbook project. It will have many spin-off features for the future. However, one problem with the Coast Guard is that many logs years of logs have not been released to the National Archives to be digitized.

    Last year I went to the regional archives in Morrow\, GA, to copy the log pages of Dependable Ice Patrol adventure. I was lucky because the latest logs available for few were those of Spring 1974. While I understand the concept of privacy, this is no reason to hide the log sheets. The ones I scanned had the normal proceedings of NJP and other matters.

    The Coast Guard also hides other historically important documents. I, for one, would love to see the classified portions of the Commandant’s District Commanders meetings declassified. These proceedings could tell us much about the working and thought processes at those times. All important stuff.

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