Gibbs & Cox Designed One of the OPC Contenders

There is a small post with an interesting paragraph from gCaptain that indicate America’s premier warship design firm has provided a design for the Offshore Patrol Cutter competition.

“…Their (Gibbs & Cox’s-Chuck) fingers are crossed for the U.S. Coast Guard’s decision on the design of the next Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC).  5 firms are rumored to still be in the running including Bollinger, Eastern Shipbuilding, General Dynamics BIW, Huntington Ingalls and VT Halter Marine. Biben notes the decision is expected by the end of February in 2014.

Since we think we know the origins of the designs for Bollinger, Eastern, and VT Halter, that suggest either the Huntington Ingalls or Bath Iron Works entry is a Gibbs & Cox design. (f’m hoping for Bath, since their design has not been made public yet.)

Earlier we talked about the possibility for a Gibbs & Cox design for the OPC here. That ship might also have been an LCS replacement, but the ship discussed, at 400 foot long and 3500 tons, now sounds too large for a program that now emphasizes “affordability” over everything else, unless the Navy is also interested in using the design.

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