Lighter Than Air for Drug Interdiction?

Looks like the Navy might be taking another look at Lighter than air and this time it may help the Coast Guard drug enforcement effort. This report direct from the Navy. I’m told this blimp also assisted in the aftermath of Deepwater Horizon.

2 thoughts on “Lighter Than Air for Drug Interdiction?

  1. ….things that make you go Hmmmmmm!

    I’m starting to think that maybe Bill Wells may be on to something when he tells us young ones to study up a bit on our history and it just might save us some work in re-inventing the wheel!

    What’s old is new again – where have I heard that before?

    Next we’ll be hearing about the CG contracting out the use of Aerostat balloons on the back of oil rig supply vessels to achieve a cost effective way to control drug shipment chokepoints!

    I like reading these stories to hear the latest buzz words, “Transnational criminal organizations (TCOs)”. Of course, I’m sure they sprinkled in a little “Terrorist Threat prevention” to help the dollars flow too.


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