CG to get C-27J

Alenia Aermacchi impression of a C-27J Spartan in U.S. Coast Guard livery. (Photo: Alenia Aermacchi)

I did note this in a comment on the previous post about this, but its probably too important to not to have its own post. Apparently we have confirmation that the Coast Guard will be getting the Air Force’s excess C-27Js.

Question is, if we were going to buy 36 HC-144s and we have bought 18, doesn’t getting 14 C–27s still leave us 4 planes short? and if we are giving some older C-130s to the Forrest Service perhaps a few more?

Does it mean the Coast Guard will be getting more C-130Js?

66 thoughts on “CG to get C-27J

  1. From the Acquisitions Directorate.

    The Coast Guard awarded a $5.8 million contract to L3 Harris Arlington Training Center (LATC) on Aug. 7 to provide support, maintenance and upgrades for the C-27J Spartan operational flight trainer.
    The flight simulator, originally built for the Air Force, was procured by the Coast Guard from L3 Communication Integrated Systems on Aug. 29, 2018. This flight simulator will enable Coast Guard pilots to train safely including for maneuvers they are unable to practice in an actual C-27J.
    The Coast Guard plans to operate the simulator at the LATC facility in Arlington, Texas until a permanent building to house this simulator is constructed at the Coast Guard Aviation Training Center in Mobile, Alabama. The simulator building is planned to be ready for service at the end of 2022.

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