More “FRC” for India

Earlier we talked about a new Indian Patrol Vessel (48 meter, 34 knots), similar to the Webber Class Fast Response Cutter (FRC) (46.8 meter, 28 knots). That was the eighth of a class of eight all delivered in 2012 and 2013. Now The Hindu is reporting a contract for 20 more similar vessels.

But really, I should have consulted my Combat Fleets of the World, because the Indian Coast Guard already had another 26 similar vessels:

5 Rani Abbakka Class, 51.1 meters, 34 knots

7 Sarojini Naidu Class, 48.14 meters, 35 knots

8 Priyadarshini Class, 46 meters, 24 knots

6 Tara Bai Class, 44.9 meter, 26 knots.

All are lighter than the Webber Class. All entered service since 1987 and all but seven are newer than our newest 110 (34 meter, 29.5 knots).

3 thoughts on “More “FRC” for India

  1. So, do you think the 20 ordered plus the 8 new FRCs are replacing the 26 older vessels, or is this an expansion? (If I had to guess, I’m thinking mostly it’s a replacement program, although I could see them keeping a few of the “newer” old vessels.) Best way to prevent another Mumbai attack is aggressive patrolling.

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