12 thoughts on “Patrol Boats for NYPD

  1. Okay, explain to me again why a police dept such as NYPD needs a patrol boat in the first place.. This clearly shows that DHS is becoming a cash cow for police depts, who want military grade gear.

      • Not quite sure what “military grade” means. But given my experience with metro police and fire departments and the type, frequency and quantity of cases they respond to, the case is pretty clear why they would want a robust platform.

    • Well, we have the USCG in the Great Lakes, but we also have police boats and then the sheriff’s have their own boats too. They are worried someone will come into the country from Canada. Then they boats are shut-down in winter, so they are kind of useless aren’t they.
      There was a video out there where a few Irish people made in across to Detroit across the St. Clair River at night without much problem at all.
      Then if you had a hovercraft, you could fly across the lake in winter, so again, the boats on the Great Lakes are just a visual spook and a waste of money.

      And what the heck did Columbus, Ohio need an expensive underwater camera for?

      Get ready for the revolution, they are!

  2. Those do not look like military-grade gear. Just normal patrol boats for police use. If I lived in the NYC, I’d happily pay my part – it’s a city with couple of million of people living close the waterfront. Surely the police can’t operate just with small rubber boats…

    • On TV divers are always looking for bodies or evidence in a murder.

      That the locals have their own assets is just part of the Federal system. Just thought they were impressive little vessels.

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