New Zealand’s “OPC” (OPV) in Action

NavalToday reported on HMNZS Otago recently returned from an almost three month voyage doing Coast Guard style operations, including fisheries enforcement, in the Ross Sea, near Antarctica. Interesting they feel an obligation to do fisheries 2000 miles frim New Zealand.

HMNZS Otago is a ship similar in concept to the Offshore Patrol Cutter, being an ice strengthened medium sized (1,900 ton, 85 meter) offshore patrol vessel. The class was discussed along with a few other potential Arctic Patrol Cutters here and to a limited extent as the basis for a potential OPC design here.

11 thoughts on “New Zealand’s “OPC” (OPV) in Action

  1. Here’s a good article about OPV & Corvette development in SE Asia, eastern Indian Ocean, through the southern Pacific:

    It mentions these ice-strengthened NZ OPVs, but the interesting thing to me in the article is the massive expansion of this size and frigate-size vessels in this region. Chuck has covered the Philippine expansion a lot and mentioned Vietnam a little, but Malaysia and especially Vietnam’s fleet expansion is disturbing. As much as was stirred up about the East China Sea controversies, I think China’s not in for an easy takeover in the South China Sea either…

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