State of the Coast Guard Address

I’m afraid I’m a bit late with this, but if you have not seen or heard Admiral Papp’s State of the Coast Guard Speech you can read it here.

Actually it is a good speech, and it cites several indicators that the Acquisitions Directorate has gotten its act together. Lots of other issues addressed as well.

4 thoughts on “State of the Coast Guard Address

  1. How does it have its act together if they are 10 years behind the post 9/11 Acquisition plan? How do they have their act together is they refuse to make the CG and country whole by exercising the Program Wide Performance Guaranty from the Deepwater contract? How do they have their act together if the 123s still sit sinking in Baltimore with no one person or company held accountable for the lost boats? How do they have their act together if they keep letting Bollinger bid and win new ship programs in spite of the DoD still pursuing their fraud and them almost killing a crew? How do they have their act together if the DoJ has emails showing Bollinger used thin steel on purpose to save money on the 123s program, lied about it through falsified strength calculations and Bollinger cannot only still bid on work but seems to keep winning when the other yards who are not not willing to sacrifice crews and ships to save money are pushed to the side?

    Letting them off the hook enables them. They delay the hell out of things so people get tired of it. The USCG and nation are far worse off now than after 9/11. The ships are far worse off now than after 9/11. That guaranty guaranteed this WOULD NOT HAPPEN.

    You are teaching them their tactics work.

    The solution is you take a contract action against Bollinger and debar them until they and the individuals responsible are held accountable. You exercise the Performance Guaranty and use those $BILLIONS to pick up the ship replacement pace.

    • I could not have said it better. Charlie Gulf will never get rid of crap handed down with little monies to work with unless the higher ups get some balls. After all, how has it been working the last 50 years? Get the picture. Change tactics.

  2. Another words, you’re p##&ed off that you didn’t get your cash award. What’s wrong, all those other lawsuits that you’re involved in not working out for you either??

    • He is mad that his attorney got the scoop on another case involving DoD and ca$hed in big time. He thinks he is “owed”.

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