Call for Panga Task Force

FierceHomelandSecurity is reporting that authorities in California are calling for a formalized, standing Federal/State Task Force to deal with smuggling by “Pangas” high powered and seaworthy open boats being used to smuggle drugs and people into California.

“While smugglers have also used cross-border tunnels and ultra-light aircraft to sidestep land border security, pangas have proven cheap and effective. Marijuana seizures from panga boats jumped from 3,800 to 120,000 pounds from 2008 to 2012, the report says.”

The Coast Guard has of course been attempting to intercept this traffic all along. We have even lost a man in this enforcement effort.

Perhaps most important is a proposal to increase Maritime Domain Awareness,

“The report also recommends that California work with federal agencies to install advanced radar and sonar technologies along the state’s coast to detect more of the vessels that currently evade authorities.”

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