New Cutter for Ecuador

NavyRecognition is reporting the award of a contract for a fourth Damen 2606 patrol boat to be built in Ecuador for the Ecuadorian Coast Guard. Apparently this boat is the latest version of the USCG’s 87 foot patrol boats.

NavyRecognition illustrated their story with a photo of a member of the class in Saudi Arabian service (completed 2002/3). Reportedly the Ecuadorian boats will have a speed of 30 knots. Specs for the Saudi boat from my Combat fleets of the World also indicate a speed of 30 knots as opposed to 27 knots for the 87 ft WPBs and that they use two MTU 12V396 TE94 diesels for 4,430HP as against two MTU 8V396 TE94 diesels for 2,950HP for the WPBs, so same series engines but a 50% larger version. There appears to be some differences in the hull too as the discontinuity in the main deck is further forward in the Saudi boats (which were built in the Netherlands).

With boats built under Coast Guard Contracts for the US Navy, Yemen, and Malta, and additional boats built or building for Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Ecuador these boats are becoming relatively common.

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