DefenseNews–Interview with Admiral Papp

DefenseNews has a short interview with outgoing Commandant, Admiral Papp. Generally nothing too surprising except perhaps the statement that he wrote fitness reports for all the CG flag officers every year and followed it up with counseling, certainly an onerous if extremely important task.

Overall an interesting and relatively short read.

I think I’m going to miss Admiral Papp.

13 thoughts on “DefenseNews–Interview with Admiral Papp

  1. It is unfortunate that the fitness reports will not survive into the future. They would valuable documents to understand the organizational history of the Coast Guard. They should be saved with a 75-year cap on them. The 18th and 19th century have many letters and comments about the officers of those eras but what do we have of the leadership in the 20th and 21st centuries? Not much.

    We have some public relations biographies and self-serving oral histories but where is the history? I find it very interesting from a historical perspective that a commandant would write the reports on the other flags.

  2. I leave it to others to document and comment on Admiral Papp’s career prior to being Commandant. But as a Commandant and Chief of Staff before that he not only left the USCG worse overall he knowingly, willingly and selfishly made the mission performance capabilities far worse overall. And that because he lacked the level of political courage he apparently demonstrated operationally. Much like Admiral Allen before him.

    This of course was all brought on by their conduct on the Deepwater program. That program is now 10 YEARS LATE in delivering the ships the fleet desperately needs. That occurred on his and Allen’s watch. Simply review the RAND study the USCG commission post 9/11. They are 10 years late on the baseline plan which was 10 years less than RAND suggested. Meaning they are now going to be 20 years late in delivering what we need post 9/11. ALL of the 110s should have been replaced years ago. Most are still in the fleet and years from replacement. The NSCs, FRCs and OPCs are all 5-10 years late. The worst part is Papp continues Allen’s unfortunate inability to transfer mission courage to political courage. They allowed the contractors to push the program 10 years and double in cost from $17B to $34B. All of them blame congress and the taxpayer for the slip and massive cost overrun. The FACT is that Deepwater was fully funded to perform the work ICGS contractually guaranteed to do as the entity in charge of the whole thing. Look at the contract. there was a program wide mission performance guaranty. That guaranty was supposed to ensure the USCGs mission needs were met by upgrading or replacing ships on that baseline schedule. Not only are the mission needs not met they are far worse of now than 10 years ago. So bad in fact the USCG tried to stop measuring cutter defensive readiness. These ethically challenged and cowardly Commandant’s shift the blame from themselves and the contractors to congress and we the taxpayers every time the press let’s them misstate the record. When tragedy strikes, and it will because the ships are in such bad shape, watch them blame congress and us for that too. (Several Haitian and Deepwater platform missions failed due to ship breakdowns. Luckily they found ship to cover for them. Soon they will not be able to). The worst example of all is when Papp actively started to obstruct the DoJs investigation of Bollinger. The shipyard who ruined all 8 of the 123s created by using thin steel on purpose to save money. Then lying about it by falsifying strength calculations. And act DoJ has proof of via internal Bollinger emails. Admiral Papp’s final legacy is one built on lies and cowardice. One where he, like Allen before him, put the men and women in their charge and the nation at risk. All for ego and to secure high paying defense contr4actor jobs. (Look and see where Allen and Loy, and even the former Masterchief of the USCG Skip Bowen, are now. And watch where Papp goes in the next year or so

      • The contractors came after my house. I recently filed for and was approved for bankruptcy to stop that. All of my financial disclosures were made and reviewed by the court.

        It has always been about the USCG. I didn’t file the case until Sept 2006 – three YEARS after I started raising the issues. Had the leadership of those involved including the USCG done what they should have a case would have never been filed. My 13 years of employment in DoD would have never ended and I would have never moved my family around. This is the usual drivel those who align with the bad actors use. And notice the never use their names when they post this stuff. They do not have the intestinal fortitude to do so.

      • You didn’t answer my question. I didn’t ask about contractors, your house or you being bankrupt.

        How did Adm Papp obstruct the DOJ as you claim?

      • Harvey Mason

        This page makes replying down several layers of threads difficult.

        I tied to answer a while ago. It didn’t show.

        Adm Papp was Chief of Staff when Adm Allen ordered the USCG legal staff to claw back a critical doc we found in discovery that supported our hull case. Then they scheduled Commander Pierce, our lead witness, to be on a secluded and classified mission the exact week we needed him for trial.

        Adm Papp also countered the DoJ in their case against Bollinger. Adm Papp went out of his way to support Bollinger while the DoJ was trying to hold them accountable.


    • Please give it a rest. Let it go. It’s over. Move on. PLEASE. The rest of the world is tired of hearing about it on this website or any other. Thank you!

      • And I am tired of the mission performance and the condition of the fleet getting worse every year when it was supposed to get better. And the USCG blaming the taxpayer and congress to avoid taking proper accountability themselves – while holding the contractors accountable through the guaranty. The tactic of waiting everyone out works well with most who do not have long term ethical fortitude.

        Get your priorities straight.

      • This isn’t about your concern for the Coast Guard this is really about you losing out on your big payout. Tell us about all the other lawsuits you’ve filed against former employers?

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