Russia’s “coast guard” in the Arctic

Interesting short report from Russian Media about how they expect to handle emergencies in the Arctic, including the use of nuclear powered icebreakers.

Somehow this also got inserted into the article, “In April, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a unified system of deployment for navy surface ships and new generation submarines.” so their kind of emergency may not be the kind of emergency that would first come to the USCG mind.

While this may not reflect only maritime experience, there was also an interesting admission, “According to the Russian Emergency Ministry there are more than 100 emergency situations in the Russian Arctic annually, both natural and man-made. There has been a steady increase in the number of incidents caused by humans, especially transport accidents (30%), and explosions and fires related to technical equipment (24%).”

Given the extent of Russia’s Arctic coast line they have invested heavily in icebreakers.

“Currently, Russia’s nuclear icebreaker fleet consists of four icebreakers, with two reactors each and 75,000 total horsepower (Rossiya, Sovetskiy Soyuz, Yamal and 50 Let Pobedy)(about the same power as the Polar class-Chuck), and two icebreakers, with one reactor each and 40,000 total horsepower (Taymyr and Vaygach).” (a bit less powerful than Healy-Chuck)

One thought on “Russia’s “coast guard” in the Arctic

  1. Thanks for the correction. I was looking at the Healy’s generator capacity (42,400 HP) rather than her motor HP (30,000), so yes Taymyr and Vaygach have about a third more shaft horsepower than Healy.

    No doubt about the endurance of nuclear vessels.

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