Warship Tour–Frigate Normandie

NavyRecognition has a video tour of the newly constructed French Frigate European Multi-Mission (FREMM) NORMANDIE. This is a relatively large frigate, a third again larger than the BERTHOLF class. It uses a single LM2500 gas turbine for high speed and electric motors for cruise up to 15 knots.

Early in the video you can see that the foc’sle deck looks very clear, no ground tackle or bollards, and no handrails. Frankly, it looks dangerous to walk around up there except in the most favorable conditions. At time 3:26 you see the foc’sle below the deck where these the fittings are located.

At time 5:06 you see the Combined Active and Passive Towed Array Sonar (CAPTAS)4. This system is being evaluated for the ASW module for the Littoral Combat Ship, and if we revived an ASW capability in the Coast Guard, it is likely this would be the sensor system used. There is a similar but smaller CAPTAS 2 by the same manufacturer.

At minute 5:55 you will see the MU-90 torpedo in the hangar and at minute 6:00 the surface vessel torpedo tubes that also launch the same torpedo. the MU-90 unlike US light weight ASW torpedoes (at least last I knew) has an anti-surface capability. I think is desirable.

At minute 6:58 you see the NATO frigate helicopter, NFH-90, a helicopter in the same class as the H-60 but with the advantages, relative to the existing shipboard versions of the H-60, of a cargo ramp in the rear and a shorter overall length without the complication of a folding tail.

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