4 thoughts on “Maritime Crime Threat: People Smugglers at Sea–EagleSpeak

  1. Mass people smuggling into the U. S. began with Anti-importation Act for Slaves in 1807. An irony of the antebellum period was the RCS enforced the Fugitive Slave Act at the same time — weil up to 1861. The 1850s saw smuggling of Chinese women into the west coast (along with the first drug busts of the opium haulers–usually on the same vessels). The 1880s in the Northwest. The Chinese Exclusion Act created a huge smuggling operation from Vancouver, B.C. The RCS reacted by building special high speed boats for the work.

    Nothing new about any of it.

  2. I can’t stand the Coast Guard’s existence anymore. Have trouble sleeping at night. Wish I never joined it.

  3. Want to stop, or slow, the illegal smuggling by sea? Bring back the bounty. Yep, each revenue cutter captain got (to be divided according to grade) a $25 bounty on each slave seized and brought into port. Of course, the bounty would have to adjusted for inflation. However, it would make prosecution a bit more aggressive. Searching for and seizing humans being smuggled isn’t as sexy as a big drug bust. I doubt it gets the same weight on an OER either.

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