USCGC Courageous, 210 After Life


Thought some of you might find this interesting.

NavalToday.Com reports that the Sri Lankan Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) Samudura, formerly the USCGC Courageous donated to Sri Lanka on June 24, 2004, recently took aboard 41 immigrants for repatriation to Sri Lanka after they were intercepted by Australia authorities.

More background on this particular transfer here.

It is not the first time she has done this sort of thing There is this similar report from July 2013: and this one from August 2013:

As you can see the ship has been rearmed. Apparently a Bofors 40mm has replaced the 3″/50 or Mk38 25mm that used to be mounted on the foc’sle. I believe the four heavy machineguns in two twin mounts below the bridge are Soviet designed 14.5mm (0.57 inch).

While I’m not sure the former Courageous was used this way, Offshore Patrol Vessels played an important part in ending the bitter civil war against the LTTE, by sinking three ships that were used by the Tamil Tigers as offshore weapons warehouses. Samudura is one of five OPVs in the Sri Lanka Navy.

4 thoughts on “USCGC Courageous, 210 After Life

  1. Good idea about the mortar deck extension. The U. S. Coast Guard would not have done it – they never put the mortars or the torpedoes on. The Bofors 40mm is better than the 25mm.

    • The 40mm is definitely a better weapon than the 25mm on the 210s. I believe this on is a 40mm/70 with a longer range and higher rate of fire than the 40mm of WWII, but it is not supported by the US Navy, so not really an option for the USCG.

      Looks like most of the 210s will be with us for sometime. Would be good to have at least the Mk38 mod2 like the Webber class which would give the ships the additional benefit of the electro-optic sensor on the mount.

  2. Why was Courageous (and another 210, I believe) retired so early when the other 210’s are still serving? Was it a maintenance/cost issue?

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