3 thoughts on “Piracy Makes a Comeback in the Caribbean

  1. I think this is great. Capture a few pirates and have public hanging in Jackson Square at New Orleans. This hasn’t been done since 1820 and to complete the historical cycle — hang two of them from the yard of a Coast Guard cutter. Perhaps Eagle during a summer cruise.

    As a matter of history, Jean Des Farges (Captain of Le Brave) and his 1st LT. were hanged aboard the Revenue Cutter Louisiana. The only public execution aboard a cutter. They were not dropped but rather the Louisiana crew hauled them up.

    Or the Navy could break out the Commodore Porter plan on how to handle pirates.

  2. Once again, we appear to keep calling things privacy when they really are not. This article states the incident happened in the vicinity of the port. I take this to mean NOT on the high seas. While they may have used pirate tactics, privacy is defined on the high seas not within a countries sovereign waters.

    • True, if it were within the 12 mile territorial sea it would be robbery. This makes a difference as far as enforcement is concerned, but it makes very little difference to the perpetrators.

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