Coasties in the Royal Navy

Recently the “Coast Guard Compass” reported that an agreement had been struck with the Royal Navy that some Coast Guard enlisted volunteers (MKs and EMs) would be assigned accompanied tours on Royal Navy frigates.

I passed this along to a friend in the UK who blogs at “ThinkDefence.” He passed it along to his readerrship. I think you might find the comments interesting.

9 thoughts on “Coasties in the Royal Navy

  1. Interesting that it appears (initially) to be just coastie clankies and greenies who will be offered the opportunity. Um. Putting 2 + 2 together and getting 5 and knowing what (little) I know it says a bit about RN retention outside the seaman / warfare branch. Longer deployments, smaller navy and civilianisation ashore mean fewer shore drafts, good wages outside, and other social issues in the modern RN don’t do much to keep talent inside. Luckily we still have the USN (and USCG) to keep the seas safe for Western civilisation!

  2. Save the Royal Navy reports,

    Helping hands from abroad

    Although greeted with hysteria in some sections of the media, the recruitment of up to 100 engineers from foreign navies makes sense in plugging the gaps in the short-term. The US Coast Guard and the Canadian Navy both have more trained engineers than they currently need due to unavailability of vessels. It makes sense for all concerned to offer them postings on RN vessels where their skills can be used and maintained. 4 USCG personnel have started work aboard Type 23 frigates with another batch of 16 arriving soon. A significant number of Canadians and a few New Zealanders, French and even Indian navy personnel may also be joining them in the coming months.

    • A better question would be, is do RAN and RNZN wardrooms and senior rates’ messes ring to the sound of British accidents?

      Also there is politics at play here. But I am not going to be drawn on that issue.

  3. The question of how many Coasties are serving with the Royal Navy came up in Parliment, this was the answer.

    Andrew Gwynne–To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, how many US Coast Guards are currently serving in the Royal Navy in a permanent position.

    Penny Mordaunt–There are currently 14 US Coast Guards serving in the Royal Navy, with a further five undergoing training. An additional two US Coast Guards are providing the personnel management support for these individuals.

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