Questions for the Commandant–Cuttermen Association

The Cutterman Association website has been recently renovated and it seems to be more active than it has been in the past. I’d like to call your attention to one post in particular. The Commandant has asked for questions and the Cuttermen Association is collecting any that might be cutterman related.

4 thoughts on “Questions for the Commandant–Cuttermen Association

  1. I see a couple of our regulars, Bill Wells and Piero Pecora, have already posted there. Love it. Hopefully there will be more. After all the delays in replacing cutters has really gotten out of hand. I think we may be looking at a slow motion train wreck.

    • Chuck I have a simple solution to the problem of the OPC. Cancel the hole project! Let be real here. What the Coast Guard wanted here, was a ship that had 75 % capability of a NSC but at less than 50% of the cost. What are chances that they would been able to pull that off. Slim to none!

      Instead let keep building the NSC’s for now. The program is up a running.
      The Hamilton is set to be commission on 6 Dec this year. The James should be commission around Sept or Oct next year. And so on and so forth. If we can more than double the total number of NSC’s. The Coast Guard could bring on line a second ship yard to build the ships, and provide more political support for the program. We might be able to get as many as 24 or more cutters. It work for the Alright Burkes destoryers and the Virginia class submarine.

      One thing we need to happen is to stop the decommissioning of the 378’s.
      Let see if we can hold to the last 6 of 7 cutters that are still in service. They should provide a stop cap measure until all NSC’s are builded. But soon as we start commissioning NCS’s 9 and higher. Started decommissioning the 210,s from service. About the time it is the 270’s turn to leave the service, let’s hope the Coast Guard can finally come up with new replacement for them. That should give us about 10 years.

      • Problem is that with the CG’s budget as low as it is, there is no way to fund more than one NSCs a year. Two OPCs a year is not fast enough, but only one major ship a year for 25 years would be a disaster.

        I would hope we could sneak in NSC #9, but we really need to build more than one ship a year. Either we need a larger budget or cheaper ships (or both).

  2. Four years ago or so, a group was asked to submit questions to the commandant. The questions were tough and we never got answers. I do not expect things will be different here.

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