Coast Guard Yard Gets Navy 76mm Guns

Photo: Mk-75 3”/62 caliber naval gun aboard USS Curts (FFG-38). U.S. Navy photograph

NavyRecognition is reporting that the Navy and Coast Guard are in the process of stripping five FFGs of weapons components that will be used to support Coast Guard Mk75 gun systems on Bear Class WMECs that are expected to be in service into the 2030s. It is not apparent from the post if Mk92 fire control system parts were also scavenged.

It is clear that soon virtually all US expertise in the Mk75 gun will reside in the Coast Guard. We can expect that some of those nations that have received (or will receive) former USCG 378s are likely to ask for help with these system for both training and maintenance.

4 thoughts on “Coast Guard Yard Gets Navy 76mm Guns

  1. Here we go again. When the Navy dumped the 5″/38 the Coast Guard continued to support it. Well, some years later the Navy ramped up the 5″/38 again on the BBs. Guess who had the training and gear for the BBs? I believe the Iowa got the old hand crank MK6 computer off Unimak in 1977. I got a frantic call from CGHQ asking what had become of it. I volunteered to take it to the BB but a CWO (Weps) from CGHQ drove up to retrieve it and take it to them.

    The Navy also sent some of their GMs to the Coast Guard GM/C school to learn the obsolete system.

    With some talk about putting the 76mm on Navy vessels, I suppose the Navy will repeat history.

  2. I thought the primary purpose of the mk76 was anti-aircraft and secondary anti-surface. If so, when was the primary capability last used for a realistic situation.

    • I attempted to answer why Coast Guard assets are armed here:
      I have come to believe there may be better alternatives than a medium caliber gun for our most likely missions.

      I suppose you implication is that if the Coast Guard had not used its medium caliber gun in a long time then there is no reason to retain the capability.

      For the law enforcement mission, the gun is a deterrent that says “resistance is futile.” The gun may have intimidated the bad guys, and we will never know that it worked.

      If lack of use was a reason for doing away with a capability, we would have no nuclear weapons, no destroyers or cruisers with AAW missile systems, no torpedoes on submarines, and no anti-submarine warfare systems.

      The previous two generations of Coast Guard WHECs (327s/311s/255s from WWII and 378s from the ’60s) used their 5″ guns during the Vietnam war both to shoot at targets ashore and to engage trawlers smuggling arms.

      Hopefully we will continue to have no reason to use the Coast Guard’s heavy weapons.

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