Philippine CG to Get an “MEC” and Four “PBs” from France


Janes360 is reporting that the Philippine Coast Guard has inked a 90M Euro ($113M) deal for the purchase of five vessels. One is to be an 82/83 meter (270 foot) aluminum hulled patrol vessel and the other four are 24 meter (79 foot) patrol boats.

NavyRecognition, reporting on OCEA participatin in the EuroNaval trade show, has some details on the OPV 270.

“OPV 270 is a 83 m (270 ft) long marine aluminum made ship. It carries 44 crew members and can take 3 to 6 VIP passengers on board, in addition to 20 ordinary passengers. 35 survivors can also be taken on board. It can travel over 4.500 to 8.000 km at 15 knots and its maximum speed, which depends of the load, can reach 26 knots. its endurance is from 30 to 45 days.”

This earlier report by DefenseStudies includes some photographs of the 24 meter patrol boat in service with the Nigerian Navy, and a short discussion of how they are expected to be used. (Incidentally the “West Philippine Sea” is the Philippine name for the South China Sea.)

7 thoughts on “Philippine CG to Get an “MEC” and Four “PBs” from France

  1. This might be seen a another candidate for Cutter X. It is not clear how comprehensive the aviation facilities are, but the cost is certainly attractive. This 270 and four patrol boats built for $113M, not in some low wage country, but in France. This may be the result of some Government subsidy of the Shipbuilding industry.

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