C4ISR Upgrades Unfunded, Impacting Operations–DHS IG

FierceHomelandSecurity is reporting that the DHS Inspector General has found reduced funding CG funding for C4ISR upgrades has had an adverse effect on operations.

The Homeland Security Department’s inspector general said these aircraft and ships will continue to rely on obsolete technology that will also cost more to operate and maintain. And the Coast Guard hasn’t addressed how and when it will implement these upgrades in revised plans…For example, some older cutters use surface search radar systems that contain almost two-decade old technology, which should’ve been replaced 10 years ago, the report said. In another example, the Coast Guard was planning to upgrade aircraft that use 1990s video and sensor technology to provide surveillance and other functions…”For example, Coast Guard personnel aboard one legacy cutter reported experiencing problems with a malfunctioning surface search radar system, including the need to reboot the system several times a day and system breakdowns while at sea,” the report said…The IG also said that certain aircraft system’s video and mission processor overloads and must be restarted, which could take 30 minutes, if operators try to update a common operating picture with large amounts of data.

5 thoughts on “C4ISR Upgrades Unfunded, Impacting Operations–DHS IG

  1. ICGS was under a program wide performance guaranty. That guaranty was supposed to ensure the CG mission specs were met. Deepwater was fully funded up until 2010. ICGS provided a system that did not meet the mission specs. Congress and others should seek a remedy under the guaranty.

    I would have caught these issues as well had I not been removed from the program 2/2004.

    • Why doesn’t the government just shut the CG down? Since their inception, they’ve been running on scraps. Everyone who served in the CG knows that and when you talk to anyone in the street, they are always looked at like a joke. I wish I had joined the Navy and am not ashamed to admit that.

      • I wouldn’t go that far. The problem is the USCG’s biggest enemy is itself. When it was with DoT is was scene as a bit of a joke compared to DoD. Then after 9/11 and the creation of DHS it got an amazing opportunity to reverse things. But right out of the box their leadership showed an amazing lack of ethics and courage and that goes to a large degree through to today. The only way to reverse things now is to come clean, fire the right people and go after industry. If it does that it will earn some net positive respect from congress, the press, the other services and the taxpayer.

      • Parts of the Coast Guard are doing well. The aviation side and the small boat side do relatively well. It is the Ocean going part of the Coast Guard that is starved. I don’t think the Congress has any real understanding of the utility of the larger cutters. They are not what you see on TV and they are not what most people think of when they think of the CG.

        Compare the USCG to SAR organizations in Britain or Canada. They are still using H-3 helicopters. Their other aircraft are also older than ours.

        The British Navy does Coast Guard work and in spite of the fact that the Brits have an EEZ about half the size of the that of the US, the entire British Navy has fewer people than the USCG.

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