Lobbying Congress and the Administration

Would like to call attention to something retired Navy and Marine Corp flag officers are doing to lobby for better funding for the Navy. It is a letter signed by 95 retired flag officers. Perhaps it would not be unreasonable to expect the Coast Guard’s retired flag officers to do something similar.

While the Navy may be in trouble, the Coast Guard is in a far worse situation. While some of these officers may have be to an extent muzzled by the Department, there is nothing to stop their speaking out now, and if anything the situation has gotten progressively worse since they left the service.

Frankly I find it hard to understand why there is not more outcry about the Coast Guard’s budget. All I seem to see is happy talk about the wonderful new assets, while the Fleet continues to age. We really need a sense of urgency.

6 thoughts on “Lobbying Congress and the Administration

  1. Along with the deleterious on our peacetime missions, we ought to address the Coast Guard’s role in defending against asymmetric threats (for which we are not properly armed) and in more general conflicts against increasingly aggressive potentially hostile naval forces. The Department may not think that is our job but the Congress and Administration should care.

    • I would like to nominate Admiral Yost to lead that part of a coalition of former CG COMDTs and Admirals to ensure Military Readiness remains a key mission.

      He was the last COMDT who understood the point of Military Readiness before the Exxon Valdez changed the focus of the CG missions for years following.

  2. One way to reduce the Coast Guard responsibilities and transfer them back to the Navy is to revoke the 1965 MOU on Polar Icebreaking.

    • At the time there were icebreakers in both the Navy and Coast Guard. I believe most of the icebreaking prior to the agreement was done in support of the DEW Line (Distant Early Warning Radar system).

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