Fisheries Enforcement Taken Seriously

Indian Government Photo: Pakistani F/V self-destructs after intercept by Indian Coast Guard

Indian Government Photo: Pakistani F/V self-destructs after intercept by Indian Coast Guard

gCaptain has a report of an odd incident during which an Indian Coast Guard cutter, the RajRatan (similar in concept to the Webber class WPCs), acting on intelligence, approached a Pakistani fishing vessel and after attempting to stop it, including an hour long chase and warning shots, the crew of the F/V set it afire resulting in an explosion and apparently the deaths of all aboard. Other reports suggest this may in some way have been connected to the expected visit of President Obama to India on Jan. 26.

2 thoughts on “Fisheries Enforcement Taken Seriously

  1. The Mumbai terrorist attack infiltrated via the sea in small boats. Any Pak vessel in their waters is seen as a potential threat by India since then…that may have been the case here since fishing poachers rarely blow themselves up.

    If a foreign fishing boat heading for New York or Boston harbor refused to comply with warning shots. would I wonder what we would do…not what we should do, but what do you think we would actually do?

  2. This additional from KGS “NightWatch”,
    , “India-Pakistan: Today, the Indian Coast Guard intercepted two suspicious boats near Porbandar, two days after four men detonated their boat after being cornered by Indian Coast Guard ships and helicopters, 365 kms from the coast.

    “The Indian intelligence agency, National Technical Reconnaissance Organization (NTRO – India’s radio intercept agency) intercepted suspicious radio communications between the two boats, which prompted the Coast Guard to intercept them.”

    Sounds like India’s Maritime Domain Awareness program including joint command centers with multiple agencies is working.

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