Largest Ship

You have to see this. Makes aircraftcarriers look small.

gCaptain reports the arrival of the largest ship in the world at Rotterdam. There are different ways to measure ships, but this is 382 meters (1,253 feet) in length and 124 meters wide (407 feet) of beam, anyway you look at it, this thing is big. It is made for picking up and moving offshore drilling rigs.

11 thoughts on “Largest Ship

  1. Thought you were going to show us the Globe and the Oscar, the Globe is a cargo ship almost 1/4 mile long. Just slightly larger than tha cargi ship Oscar.
    The Globe is longer, but in terms of TEU capacity (consistently used in the industry to rank them), Oscar is a bit bigger.

    • And an expensive one. Article says 3 billion for this ship built in South Korea at competitive commercial pricing. For the Navy you’d be over 6 billion for something like this.

  2. It should be noted that the big container ships are mere 18 meters or 60 feet longer than this vessel. However, Pieter Schelte is more than twice as wide.

  3. I remember the first time I saw Queen Mary 2 coming alongside gracefully and easily at Southampton without too much assistant from the tugs. While watching I was recalling all the great discussion about how Portsmouth would cope with the Queen Elizabeth class, what big ships they will be (are now!), and all the work that will be needed to bring them next to the wall. The navies seem to forget about their merchant marine brethren at times!

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