Sea Shepherds Buy WPBs

Thanks to Brad, we have a couple of local reports that the Sea Shepherds organization now has a couple of former USCG Island Class WPBs, the former cutters, USCGC Block Island and USCGC Pea Island, that were seen flying the Sea Shepherd pirate flag in Annapolis. The first report has some good photos. The second has a report of an informal interview at a local tavern.

8 thoughts on “Sea Shepherds Buy WPBs

  1. I was a 110 sailor (wpb-1332) and there is something a little sacrilegious about this… Don’t get me wrong, we need to take care of what we have, but these guys more often than not feel like pirates.

  2. another 110 sailor, (wpb-1315) chiming in. I hope they don’t try their usual bump and grind tactics with these boats. they’re not known for their thick skins. or maybe I do. not a fan of these roving hazards to navigation.

  3. After the vessels were purchased I was hired to move them to Key West Florida. I was the Captain of the “New Farley Mowat” for its maiden voyage down the east coast through the Bermuda Triangle and the Florida Straits to Key West. It was an honor to Command such an awesome ship!

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