Coast Guard Budget Held Hostage

MarineLog is reporting

With Congress in a stalemate over the FY 2015 Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson is warning of the impact on maritime security of the continuing deadlock , including likely delay to shipbuilding contract negotiations on the Coast Guard’s eighth National Security Cutter.

It goes on to report other ill effects of delays in funding.

Unfortunately, while there is little reservation about the Coast Guard budget, it is being held hostage in a partisan fight over immigration policy that has nothing to do with the Coast Guard.

So why doesn’t someone in Congress introduce a bill to fund the Coast Guard separately?

2 thoughts on “Coast Guard Budget Held Hostage

  1. This may be good reminder to those on active duty about having a emergency fund. Pay today is pretty good in comparison to most comparable civilian jobs. There is no reason why a month’s pay could not be kept on hand. I know I did after several congressional shutdowns and the banks would not accept our checks.

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