WPB on Counter-Piracy Patrol


NavalToday reports, as we thought might happen, one of the six 110 foot cutters operating out of Bahrain, USCGC Maui (WPB-1304), has been conducting an anti-piracy patrol as part of Task Force 150 “patrolling the Gulf of Oman and the North Arabian Sea from December 2014 to February 2015.”

An interesting comment was “At one point, Maui extended the normal endurance of a Coast Guard Cutter, spending a total 13 days at sea.”

7 thoughts on “WPB on Counter-Piracy Patrol

  1. Some of those 110’s at PATFORSWA are 25 or more years old, I wonder if they will every come back to the States, or just be used up over there.

    How are deployments handled for Bahrain? Just curious. I assume they rotate entire crews, but don’t know if that’s correct.

    The CRS Coast Guard fleet analysis have showed big shortfalls in medium endurance cutters, but they’ve also showed big shortfalls of the Webber Class Cutters. I wonder if there is a need for a 110-120 foot patrol boat to supplement the FRC’s. There are quite a few affordable patrol boat designs in that size range, some of them being built in the States currently. The Coast Guard was using one of the Swiftships 35m boats that was originally built for the Park Service at one point.

    I guess it depends on whether hulls are the limiting factor, or crew, or money for operations. And whether there are enough missions a smaller/cheaper ship could adequately do to justify another class.

    • The Webber class are called “response cutters,” but they are not really being based in a way that would indicate that was the real purpose. You don’t put six boats in the same port if the idea is to have one ready to respond. Apparently they are going to be used more like 210s.

  2. Is 13 days really remarkable for a 110? I can remember mule-pats off Mexico with an 82 and 110 along with our 210, we’d conduct fuel and water transfers every few days but can’t recall the longest stretch we did. Maybe 13 days unreplenished would be tough for a 110.

    • Unfortunately it is not clear what if any support they had. The whole patrol was apparently longer. Dec to Feb–is that one month (31 Dec to 1 Feb) or three (1 Dec to 28 Feb) ? It is not really clear.

      The specs for the Webber class only required a five day endurance, same as the 87 footers, which seems less than they should be capable of.

      If they were doing underway replenishment I am curious about how much they got and from what kind of ships?

      My interest in this is partly based on the belief the Webber class could be employed in the Eastern Pacific Trafficing zones, if provided a degree of support.

      Would love to hear more about their experience.

      • Will the deployed 110’s ever come back? Probably not. All 26 of the 82 footers in Vietnam were transfered to the Republic of Vietnam Navy. Due to their age and the amount of time they’ve been deployed I think the 110’s will be transfered to one of the regional navies or coast guards.

    • What I am shocked is that the US Navy has nor paired the Combat Boat 90 assault craft with the LHA or LPD’s. They would be perfect for raids and Anti piracy patrols off the LPD and LHA

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