NAVDEX 2015–NavyRecognition

NavyRecognition reports on the Naval Defence Exhibition, held 22 – 26 February 2015 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. for me the most interesting reports were:

Light Weight 40mm Gun that required no deck penetration. It is not a competitor for the 57mm but compared to the Mk38 25mm, it probably does have enough additional range to allow it to engage beyond the 4,000 yard range that I believe is necessary to prevent extemporized armaments from targeting vital systems (like the gun) on our cutters. The Mk38 mod2 reportedly has an effective range of only 2,500 meters (about 2,750 yards).

New sonars suitable for small vessels, including a towed synthetic aperture sonar suitable for sub-surface-channel mapping and variations of ASW sonars currently in USN service that can be hull mounted and towed by vessels as small as the Webber class.

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