FY2016 Budget Overview–CG-9

The Acquisitions Directorate (CG-9) has published a quick and relatively painless overview of the FY2016 budget.

This is the table of contents, but you will need to go to the original to access the links:

•Letter from the Commandant
•Posture Statement
•FY 2016 Budget in Brief ◦FY 2016 Budget Priorities
◦Acquisition, Construction, and Improvements (AC&I)
◦Acquisition, Construction, and Improvements (AC&I) Table
◦Operating Expenses (OE)
◦Operating Expenses FY 2015 Request to FY 2016 Request Budget Change
◦Appropriation Summary Table
◦Net Discretionary Budget Authority

•Average Coast Guard Day
•2014 Performance Highlights ◦Maritime Law Enforcement
◦Maritime Response
◦Maritime Prevention
◦Marine Transportation System Management
◦Maritime Security Operations
◦Defense Operations

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