“The Sea Based Logistics Response to the Haiti Earthquake”–Thinkdefence

The day following the Haitian Earthquake, Commandant, Adm. Thad Allen discusses the Coast Guard Response.

British Blog, Thinkdefence, has an interesting and very detailed examination of the response to the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti. There seems to be an omission of the 270s role as first US ships on scene, but it is really focused on the delivery of relief supplies. The blogger has a recognized fascination with containers that is almost a running gag, so don’t be surprised if there is a lot of talk about containers.

It is a great primer for disaster response planning.

3 thoughts on ““The Sea Based Logistics Response to the Haiti Earthquake”–Thinkdefence

  1. Author covered government response very well. It is good that you noted there was a significant amount of private (mostly NGO funded) point-to-point shipping which came out of CONUS, a lot from FLA, over to Haiti more than just Crowley. I contribute to a JAX based charity which sent relief supplies over in containers. There was a lot of corrupt/inept Haitian govt entities which held relief materials up waiting for “custom duties” to be paid~

    The key thing to remember is that the Haiti DR was unique in that it was a shore-to-shore operation. As well as being much closer for airlift when the airport got opened. Many observers miss that point and assume the we can “redo” Haiti. It was a subset of a seabased operation as in a “near shore based” one. The island’s proximity and long duration of the DR also allowed the US to activate and deploy MARAD shipping. It allowed the JLOTS op to be relatively successful. It allowed many USAV and military landing craft to be brought over from CONUS.

    While not reproducible in tota, the significant array of DR assets and systems was distinctly historic.

    Well done article

  2. Of course the men and women of the Coast Guard did stellar. Just how stellar is not actually mentioned. What is omitted is the litany of break downs the fleet had in trying to respond and what needed to be done to recover those missions. All due to Admiral Thad Allan’s sacrificing the men and women of the USCG and Haitians to protect his ego and the defense contractors. The fleet was far worse then than before Deepwater began and is even worse now. Admiral Allen is a disgrace. He is an egocentrically challenged self-centered, self-aggrandizing mess.

    Do a simple search on articles that covered this.

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