2 thoughts on “Yacht aids Vanuatu

  1. This is a very good video about how a private yacht performed Disaster Relief. The Lessons Learned from it are obvious. A fast first responder properly equipped must be “there” quickly. It had food, water (making and distribution), boats and a helo showed up for offboarding relief materials. Not a lot but enough.
    The great work done with a small number of persons is obvious. Elements such as setting up MEDCAP ashore, boating and flying in food/water; how to get large quantities of water ashore (not in plastic bottles); communications and shore party management all show up in this video.
    I would also note that the RAN ship HMAS Tobruk (an old LSL type) which came to relief the yacht was logistics capable more so than a warship. The HMNZS Canterbury also brought in even more capability. I would assume they came to stay awhile?
    “…….HMAS Tobruk’s ship’s company made their way ashore at Dillon’s Bay on Erromango Island, Vanuatu, on 30 March to assist with several humanitarian assistance and disaster relief tasks.
    The sailors ….Army engineers ….. to offload Australian Aid stores from two LARC-V amphibious cargo vehicles. They also assisted with loading bags of Leeton rice, high energy biscuits and other supplies onto HMAS Tobruk’s embarked MRH90 multi-role helicopter operating from the school’s soccer field……”

    I wonder why the MPSRON 3 in Tinian did not get tasked to help out? Of course, a legacy MPS has all of the above in larger quantities except for helos.
    BZ M/Y Dragonfly

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