Something to Watch–off Yemen

Quoted from the German Navy Blog, Marine Forum, both entries dated 17 April.

  • Seven US Navy combat ships deployed off Yemen (Gulf of Aden; southern Red Sea): The entire IWO JIMA Amphibious Ready Group (IWO JIMA, NEW YORK, FORT McHENRY plus 2,200 embarked Marine), destroyers FORREST SHERMAN and WINSTON S CHURCHILL, (both belong to THEODORE ROOSEVELT CSG), minesweepers DEXTROUS and SENTRY, and dry cargo ship CHARLES DREW.

  • (Unconfirmed) reports that Iran is sending „seven to nine ships – some with arms“ toward Yemen. (rmks: if true, will be labelled „delivery of humanitarian aid“)

The US obviously does not want the Iranians to introduce more arms into the conflict. They or the Sunni Coalition may attempt to board the Iranian vessels if they enter Yemeni territorial waters. If this is done by US forces, there is a good chance Coasties will be in the boarding parties.

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