Canadian Naval Review

One of our regular contributors, Lee Walher, has brought to my attention a publication I had not been familiar with, the Canadian Naval Review.

It seems to be a publication that addresses many issues that are common among coast guards and medium to small sized navies.

The publication is supported by subscription and sponsors. The full current edition is available only to subscribers, but in fact, it looks like virtually all the content is readily available. In addition, it appears that after a couple of months, full access is available to a pdf edition, via the Achieves and Index page.

This is the table of contents for the current edition.

Editorial: Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride, Ann Griffiths

The Case for a More Combat-Capable Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship, Rob Huebert

 NOPEC: A Game Worth Playing?, Andrew Bergel

 Interoperability and the Future of the Royal Canadian Navy, Andrew Touesnard

 A Clash of Naval Strategies in the Asia-Pacific Region, Brian Wentzell

 Most Capable Design or Most Qualified Team?, Janet Thorsteinson

 Making Waves AOPS and the NSPS: Wishful Sinking?, Danford W. Middlemiss

 Collaborative Naval Procurement: Lessons from the ANZAC Frigate Build, Jeffrey Collins

 A View From the West: Reefs of Discontent in the South China Sea, Brett Witthoeft

 Dollars and Sense: Can DND Afford New Submarines?, Dave Perry

 Warship Developments: Flexible Examples from Offshore, Doug Thomas

 Human Capital and the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy, Commander Ian Wood

Book Reviews

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