A Common Operating Picture?

Navy photo, experimental ship Stilleto

This sounds like it might be something the Coast Guard might be interested in.

PSS CDS receives critical data from multiple sensors and offers two-way sharing of information and commands across both classified and unclassified domains. Intersect™ Sentry is an automation and analysis tool that creates alerts from a variety of intelligence, sensor and reconnaissance data streams according to parameters defined by the user. Both systems have been successfully demonstrated in support of joint and coalition maritime operations.

Whatever that actually means, it sounds good, and it fits on something WPB sized.

4 thoughts on “A Common Operating Picture?

      • BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was there. Our COP produced by the Aegis folks was a joke.They got in over their heads and assumed doing Aegis well meant the other was a cake walk. CG leadership rolled over and paid for that and more they should not have.

  1. As for $ it would come from the USCG exercising the mission performance guaranty under the IDS contract. ICGS was under guaranty to meet the CG mission performance specs. Not only did they not do that and get paid for doing so, things got much worse.

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